The Impact Of Technology On The Workforce

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The advancement of technology has impacted many areas of life, especially the workforce. Advances in technology, such as the development of the robot, have started to have a significant impact on the individual worker. These workers come from many different areas of life, some including manufacturing, service, and jobs that do not require much education. For example, manufacturing jobs have been impacted by the robot because the robot is able to perform manufacturing skills at an easier and faster rate than humans. Jobs that also do not require extensive education will be impacted because robots will be able to replace these humans since it does not take a lot of expertise to fulfill these particular jobs. The interaction with robots is also an area addressed in the paper. Communication with other humans will be affected because people will be dealing with robots more at your local stores or your local movie theaters. Humans will be associated more with technology and less with human interaction. In addition to these ideas, the future of workers is addressed in this paper. Even though there will be a loss of jobs and a declining economy because of the increase in robots may at first not seem beneficial, it will all work out in the end. The loss of jobs will create more jobs since robots will be doing their jobs at a faster rate, creating more of a demand for other jobs to perform their jobs faster. Humans will have to be recruited for these jobs to keep up with the demand of
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