The Impact Of Technology On The Workplace

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The future of the workplace is changing rapidly due to technology; wages no longer parallel a worker’s education level; burdensome and unnecessary credential requirements are imposed on low-wage workers; and the unemployment rate is increasing. These phenomenon have led to the decline and downsizing of the American workforce. With the replacement of workers by technology and strict training specifications, it’s very difficult for low-wage workers to find a stable job without competition in the workplace. Companies recognize the impact of technology on how they conduct business and attempt to adapt their practices to account for technological advancement and the proliferation of high technology. First, in several companies it is no longer necessary to employ on-site technicians, as their utility has diminished or been eliminated.. These technicians are needed for IT trouble shooting as well as anything server related. This phenomenon stems from computers becoming more sophisticated, powerful, complex, and advanced. As Condon and Wiseman, (2013) assert, “…businesses rent computing power when they need it, instead of installing expensive equipment and hiring IT staffs to run it [, w] hole employment categories, from secretaries to travel agents, are starting to disappear.” These on-site technicians include even IT workers, who are loosing their full-time jobs and are landing on-call and contract positions, making their compensation and benefit packages less lucrative. To
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