The Impact Of Technology On The Workplace

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The Impact of Technology in the Workplace Since the creation of modern computerization, several consequences have arisen for humankind, particularly in the work environment. Both skilled and unskilled laborers are gradually being forced out of work due to these technological innovations. This is especially true in industries that have been greatly affected by this phenomenon, such as the communication, transportation, information and manufacturing activity. Rather than creating jobs and increasing productivity, mechanization has indeed triggered higher unemployment levels. In this paper, we will analyze the different causes and effects of technological advancement in terms of the rate of unemployment. Articles written by economy experts, such as Horst Feldmann, Luciano Floridi, Ronald Bailey, and other renowned economist form the bases of our paper. Technological unemployment is unemployment due to technical progress. That is the loss of jobs due to technological changes or innovations. This type of unemployment is mainly characterized as a structural unemployment, which is caused by a mismatch between the skills that workers offer versus the skills that are required in different industries. In this case, the last couple of decades, technology have created a significant impact for both society and individuals. An economy of scales is the fundamental aim of employers to establish in the industry. And in order to achieve an economy of scale is through the use of technology,
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