The Impact Of Television And Its Impact On Society

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“In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” (Andy Warhol). This quote is highly characteristic of popular culture in society. What Mr.Warhol was saying is simply that no matter how popular something becomes it tends to lose its appeal, eventually being replaced by the “next big thing” in an ongoing cycle that never ends. When thought of in this way it’s quite easy to see how popular culture, and television especially, has become thought of by some as nothing more than a simple act of entertainment for absolutely no purpose except to please the masses. Although a good amount of television in today’s society is just for one’s own enjoyment, television is both valuable and beneficial to society. Television is valuable and beneficial to American society, because it has influenced the creation of inventions, it has created opportunity, and it has taught valuable life lessons to society.
Television has had a large influence in the creation of inventions in society. An electronic, an experience, or even a thought that pop into someone’s head could have been inspired by something seen on television. Star Trek, a science fiction tv series, is becoming known for contributing in the inspiration of multiple inventions in modern society. In an scene from Star Trek: The Original Series, in an episode titled “The Apple”, Spock steps in the way of poisonous darts to save Captain Kirk. After Spock has fallen to the ground, Kirk uses him “Communicator” to order a retreat. It
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