The Impact Of Television On The World Of The 20th Century Essay

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One of the most successful inventions of the 20th Century is the Television. Many describe Television as a way to connect with the wider world, with some even going as far as to use the device to escape from everyday life for an hour or two. Now, thanks to increasing technological developments, this escape can be made considerably easier with the introduction of mobile TV- the use of Smartphones, tablets, and arguably most prominently, computers and laptops, bringing with it the expansion of online Television services such as Netflix. The reason for exceptional developments in Television can be based off of the large growth in technology, and thus has led to an increased demand from its viewers. Despite the immense popularity with computer gaming and the Internet, Television still remains the most popular medium in New Zealand. However, before the likes of Netflix, there were no online providers. TV consumers outnumbered online users for years after the initial developments, as content was better on a Television rather than online due to the lack of variety and services available digitally over the Internet. Consumers watched Television for the escape from reality for an hour or two, and this was unavailable on a computer as there were no websites or Networks offering the content users wanted. A Nielsen study in 2012 on the media devices owned by people showed that 290 Million Americans (or around 92%) owned at least one Television, compared to 192 Million Americans that
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