The Impact Of Texting And Tweeting On Our Live Speech.

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The Impact of Texting and Tweeting on Our Live Speech With mobile phones where the small screen technology is so constraining, texting and tweeting plays a significant role in how we conduct our daily communication. David Crystal wrote an article titled “Texting”, and believes the younger generation is introducing a new phase of texting where words are usually represented with acronyms (241). Crystal called this abbreviated text exchange a “textspeak” (243). Kris Axtman is also a prominent author who wrote an article, “R U Online? The Evolving Lexicon of Wired Teens” (247). His article focuses on teenagers and their dependency on the online technology. Axtman observes that teenagers develop a whole range of abbreviations while exchanging…show more content…
Let’s take a look at the conversation below between a mother and her son to illustrate the impact of texting and abbreviation in our interpretation. Mother: What does “IDK” mean? Son: I don’t know. Mother: Never mind, I’ll ask your sister. Her son gave the correct answer to her question, but she thought that he didn’t know the answer and wanted to ask his sister instead. This is an example of an abbreviation that might lead to confusion and misunderstanding in our conversations. Tweeters and texters try to refine sentences into a few characters, and this results in excessive use of abbreviations which makes it inevitable to miss some important information. Using initials of a word or totally different characters to form a shorthand acronym is unreliable and confusing. David Crystal wrote in his article that “No texter is entirely consistent and no two texters use identical conventions” (245). Someone who text CYA (see you) in a text message will most likely pronounce it the same way as his text, making it an unclear and unpleasant phrase for the listener. Critics say abbreviations save us time, and there is no connection between how we tweet and how we speak. I have been in many situations where I have to search for the meaning of an abbreviation in a text message. An abbreviation doesn’t necessarily save you time. To the contrary, the ambiguous nature of an abbreviation

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