The Impact Of The Aviation Industry And The Aviation Industry

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The field of aerospace, and by extension the aviation industry, is helping the world grow more interconnected every day. But while air travel has greatly increased the speed at which people can traverse the globe, unfortunately the same is true for the rate at which diseases spread. The rate of a disease’s spread is directly related to the spread of people, something which Station Eleven uses to justify the quick spread of a devastating pandemic. In Station Eleven, commercial aircraft were responsible for the initial transport of the flu across the globe. Furthermore, the entire aerospace industry is depicted as largely helpless in the wake of the global outbreak. The flu causes a collapse of the industry’s infrastructure and Mandel implies that in the event of any global catastrophe, not just a flu, the industry would act as a liability. While it is true that that increasing rate of air travel poses a safety risk in the event of an outbreak of a contagious virus, the aviation industry and the field of aerospace as a whole would not be a liability. To give the industry its due diligence, one must examine both sides of the issue. Air travel permits society to more effectively combat diseases, as it facilitates the transport of researchers and scientists to areas of infection, and furthermore, aerospace technologies have frequently been adapted to be used in the fields of medicine or to improve public health. Many technologies that are used every day and that improve the
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