The Impact Of The European Colonization Of North America

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The Spanish and the European settlers that came to the North America took on the east coast part of this region. Wherefore, there were many different Indian tribes that existed in this place whom spoke different languages, practiced different customs, and used different techniques in raising their own crops and hunting livestock. It was a mix of people who were better at farming while others were better at agricultural activities. Some people involved in war while some did not. As for my example, some of the Indian nations that existed here were the Seneca, the Mohawk, the Cherokee, and the Seminole. They were able to practice and share amongst themselves a highly developed system of trade wherein they traded goods over a wide area.…show more content…
As I understand and analyze the historical events which transpired through time, the native Americans did not have a good relationship with the Europeans. One can see that the latter were not very sensitive with the culture of the native Americans while, on the other note, these Europeans came from a then more modernized country as the native Americans saw them as a group of people with enough weapons or guns that is useful to them. Also, Indians were able to provide food for these foreigners.
At first, they traded well with each other in terms that both groups had benefits from one another. However, towards the end, when there was already an imbalance with the animals that were being hunted as food and the crops that were raised for agricultural purposes, the English people started drawing boundaries on territories. Soon after, Indians started competing amongst themselves just to find a suitable land for hunting and agriculture.
The pattern that I see here is the continuous dependency of Europeans on the land, resources, and means of shelter from the Native Americans. The pattern also evolves on the notion of Europeans to turn this new discovery and utilize this connection for trade and commerce of their interests with another country or countries as well. In the end, both groups were able to trade with each other that left Virginia having the Charter of the Virginia Company of London. This company, however,
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