The Impact Of The First Crusades

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The First Crusade, a time of strife, war, and bloodshed. The First Crusade was a war for the Holy Land. It was called into effect by Pope Umbar II in an attempt to reclaim the Holy Land from the Jews and to return it to Christianity and to assist in repelling the Turks. Pope Umbar II delivered a speech about how the people of God needed to join forces and fight for Jerusalem. The speech spoke of how this war would be in God's name, that those who participated would receive absolution from sin and eternal glory. This speech had an incredible effect upon the Christian population, it inspired such a large amount of people, both plebeian and nobility, to rise to the cause and fight for the Holy Land, as their current army was built entirely from volunteers. While it is true that religious beliefs would have motivated many to the cause, the promise of riches in the lands of Jerusalem also led many to fight in the Crusades. Throughout the 11th century, the Byzantine Empire began to receive many attacks from invading Seljuk Turks. It was this that caused Byzantine Emperor Alexius to ask for Pope Urban II for support in their fight against the Turks. Pope Urban II called upon the western Christians to aid the Byzantines and to recover the Holy Land in the year 1095.The people's overwhelming response to his call as European Christians lept at the opportunity to fight the Muslims and to Recover their Holy Land. In the year 1096 Peter the Hermit and Walter Sansavoir led around

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