The Impact Of The Gender Wage Gap

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Women are the base of the human race; without women, the human race would die out because there would not be anyone to bear and produce children. Women do so much for the world, for example, they take care of their children, donate eggs and ovaries to help those who cannot have children and on top of all of that they pursue a career. However, for some reason they are still paid less than men, even when they are in the same position and doing the same amount of work as their male counterparts. For example, findings from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research show that in 2015 the average woman who worked full time only made 80 cents for every dollar a man earned. 20 cents may not seem like a lot of money, but for salaries greater than 50,000 dollars a year, those very 20 cents can amount to more than 10,000 dollars in earnings. Although the wage gap is very obvious to companies, there is not much being done in the workplace to decrease that wage gap. Unfortunately, men do not understand the extent of which the wage gap affects women because they, for one, earn a higher wage and are encouraged to negotiate for a higher pay, whereas women are told to accept the pay that they are offered or else that they will be looked as rude, aggressive and bossy. Despite misogynistic beliefs, the gender wage gap is very detrimental not only for women but also the national economy. What is disappointing is that men are unable to see a problem with the wage gap. According to Jonathan Webb,
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