The Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution
Imagine having the same job for your whole life, while wanting to have more opportunities to move forward in all aspects of life. Then finally, one day being able to have a job, that’s what the Industrial Revolution brought. The Industrial Revolution began in the late 1700s. Prior to it, people would manufacture goods in their home, and used hand made tools for their daily life. This process began in Britain and spread to other parts of the world, changing the social, cultural, and economic conditions. Although some people may say the Industrial Revolution put people to work in factories that had terrible conditions for the workers, the Industrial Revolution provided more job opportunities and introduced new technologies used to improve life.
The job opportunities during the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s were abundant. According to the TCI’s document ‘Working Conditions and wages’, “As the Industrial Revolution developed through the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries, more and more people moved away from their villages to work in mines and textile factories.” People started to change the way of living by moving forward. As job opportunities arose people left their villages to take them. The TCI’s document ‘Changing role of women’ stated that, “During the Industrial Revolution, many women moved with their families to urban areas and began to work in textile (cloth) mills and other factories.” Unfortunately, women were not allowed to
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