The Impact Of The International Style In Art And Deco Architecture

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Chapter 1- Introduction
In 1890s, Art and Crafts movement started and its architecture worked in different kind of media cooperate with the artist to bring in a greater unity to the arts. Most of the Arts and Crafts architectures being build along together with the sculptures, tiled decoration and some with highly symbolic imagery. As an example, the Standen located at East Grinstead, England showing the different kind of bricks and tiles for the building’s wall.
After the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Deco architecture style was started before the International Style was found. Art deco architecture mostly using materials such as stucco, concrete and smooth surface stone. Glass blocks with steel and aluminum frame already found before the
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International Style is a functional style of 20th century architecture. The name of International Style being called is because the style crossed national and cultural barriers. Both appearance and the materials of the international style architecture create the new modern age. The new modern form has brought in a lot of detractors but its impact on the world architecture is undeniable.
1.2- Aim & Objectives
This writing is to discuss and analyze about the impact of the international style towards a typical burgeoning post-war city. International style simplified the architecture of the building by creating a new modern form. Besides than the new modern form, the construction of international style architecture’s materials and techniques also different compare to the tradition architecture. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was selected to carry out the research on the International
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It is the Capital of Malaysia and most of the government office building was built in this city. Kuala Lumpur is a busy city and with a lots of skyscrapers and colonial architecture. The international style architecture was started in the late 90's and early 2000s. Buildings that used glasses as the part of the external structure appear all over the city of Kuala Lumpur, as we can see that the Petronas Twin Tower as the most prominent example. After a few years of developing, there are more and more modern buildings such as those office towers and the shopping complex being build around the

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