The Impact Of The Media On Society

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The media is a major part of modern society today and holds immense powers over multiple organisations, it has the ability to influence opinions of society through its many channels which include “… every broadcasting and narrowcasting medium such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax and internet” (Business Dictionary, 2017). One of the greatest aspects of society that the media has power over are sporting organisations and the athletes that are associated with them. Ideally, the media is to present facts about the truth with an unbiased reporting voice, allowing individuals to form their own opinion. Unfortunately, this is not generally the case and the media is in a constant rotation of using its…show more content…
Many argue that women’s sport is not interesting but this is due to the lack of media coverage and the shortage of money to women’s sponsorships (Pavlovich 2017). The other group of athletes the media has adversely affected are those who participate in sports that are less known or popular, such as bowling, fencing or polo. The media restricts coverage of the sports to make way for well-known ones, such as; soccer, football, tennis and cricket, as the revenue on these are much higher. In relation to this gender inequality, the media portrays athletes in different ways, some of which are detrimental to individuals. The sporting world is, and continues to be a male dominated world, focusing on male’s skills and behaviours. When women do receive media coverage it does not focus on their achievements, rather objectifying their gender roles as if this is more important than their athletic ability (Sports Ethics, 2015). There are many differences in the way men and women athletes are represented in the media, including; • Women are often referred to as girls or by their first name while men are called by their last names symbolizing a position of power • The media does not focus on a women’s athletic ability but rather her looks and age, while men are always strong and brave • Women’s marital status and

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