The Impact Of The On The Way Camp Caribou Functions As A Business

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In the USA, the summer camp industry is booming; despite the economic downturn, millions of American children head to camp each year to gain new experiences and meet lifelong friends. Camp Caribou, an all-boy residential camp located in Maine, is no exception, with over three hundred boys aged seven to fifteen visiting each summer. Camp Caribou employs around 120 seasonal staff for 9 weeks to ensure that they provide “unforgettable summers” to their campers. With no dedicated HR department, it falls to the camp directors and management personnel to tackle human resource management challenges which, due to the nature of the business, may not be present in other organisations. This essay aims to identify and discuss these challenges and their impact on the way Camp Caribou functions as a business.

In today’s society, parents who send their children to camp expect value for money; they want their child to leave camp with better a tennis serve, a stronger backstroke, or enhanced cookery skills (Singer, 2011). This indicates that in order to ensure campers are getting enough attention, camp directors are spending more time with children and less time in the office managing their personnel. With directors spending minimal time at a desk, many ‘doable’ HR activities; ones which improve practices and emphasize activities, are outsourced so that they may focus on the ‘deliverables’, or activities which relate to results and created value (Ulrich, 1988, p.2).
Due to these economic

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