The Impact Of The Serampore Trio

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The Serampore Trio consisted of William Carey, Joshua Marshman, and William Ward, and they could not have come at a better time, as they rescued Carey “from becoming a solitary missionary” who had to burden himself with the spreading of the gospel to a completely unchristianized nation, so far to little success. Carey leaned on these two men so heavily that he penned a letter to Andrew Fuller in 1810 saying, “in point of zeal [Marshman] is Luther, I am Erasmus.” This speaks volumes about the impact these two men had on encouraging and strengthening Carey’s missionary work, together forming a “close-knit alliance of mutual support and admiration which was to make them one of the most remarkable teams in missions history. Both Marshman and…show more content…
William Miller notes that “the three at Serampore were of that type of self-made men so often to be met with in English history, men of insatiable appetite for learning, and of practical ability, dismayed by no difficulties and boundless in industry and patience,” and the missionary works of Carey cannot truthfully be described without detailing the two men who were behind much of his success in India. According to Christopher Smith, William Ward was an “enterprising young man with an unusual background,” and his only theological training was accompanying his mother to the local Methodist chapel. Carey himself helped convince Ward to join him on the mission field, telling him in one of their encounters in England “you must come print [the Bible] for us.” Ward, because of his training as printing journalist, was invaluable from 1800 to 1823 as a “practical administrator, printing press manager, a cross-cultural trainer, and pastoral counselor.” Ward himself testified to the fact that Carey himself was largely an absentee leader, with a variety of different obligations in Calcutta’s Fort William college, which meant that the “burden of mentoring native evangelists plus managing personal” issues between the camp largely fell on Ward’s shoulders. While Carey himself often found himself deeply involved in missionary work, he did not worry himself with the exact details of the mission field, which allowed him to empower men like Ward and Marshman to do extraordinary feats for the sake of the

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