The Impact Of The Steam Engine And Began Using Automobile Long Before 1896

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Written Assignment 5. Historically, The United State had invented the steam engine and began using automobile long before 1896 when Henry Ford build the first car. Since then, the country has undergone series of dramatic changes affecting the automobile industry politically, economically, technologically, and socio-culturally, including series of global and environmental challenges. These environmental challenges facing the industries can be acknowledged in the following areas: 1) Consumer’s opinion about the products: Demographically, the local market population and the peoples taste for the invented products (trucks, cars, buses etc.) grew steadily, causing great increase and changes in the demand and supply chain. The consumers concern for the demand of automobile provoked the rise of other companies who manufactured auto-parts and products, which resulted to lowering the power of automobile industries as supply substitute became evident. The demand for these products, triggered a bargaining power that forced automobile industries into a competitive spirit because, not being able to keep these buyers (customers) means losing them to other competitors. This grew so high in the United States and depending on some consumer’s geographical location, cars were no longer a necessity since bikes, trains, subways, etc. came into existence for people to go around their businesses. The intensity and rivalry among competitors grew stronger. The lack of differentiation

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