The Impact Of The Stylistic Approach In Shop Design

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Modernism in shop design

Nazanin Rezanejad
ARCH 580
Stylistic Approach in Design
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nazife Özay
09 January 2018
ID: 17600122

We will be talking in this article about how modernism can affect the design of the store, and how the different types of stores can actually play a big role in the customers’ behaviour. Also, we will talking the effect of modernism and how it could change the path of store design pathways. Throughout years and recent studies customers have been always valuing brand stores, Why would that be a role model for most owners in the modern era and how brand orientation is manifested through design.
This article shows how unique store design should be, such as interior design, plans, layout and even the outfit of the staff, all of these influence the customer’s experience in different ways. The customer can experience …show more content…

Not knowing how to personalize the shops and designs based on the merchandises available. In this study we will show three different cases and show how each shop dealt with each one of them differently based on the type of merchandise and also based on the stylistic approach in architectural design. After finishing the study you will be able to differentiate between each shop design and what type has been used in it in order to improve its value to the customers’ experience.
The aim of this article is; firstly, to differentiate between the varieties of types in retail store according to design and atmosphere. Secondly, is to study how customers perceive and see the different kinds of stores in different images. Thirdly, to have a look on modernism and modern designs and how is it affecting the current situation of today’s retail storing. This article is exploring the linkage between customers, modern design and and the behaviour of customers

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