The Impact Of The United Kingdom To Leave The European Union

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The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union has served in reshaping the way politics works in Europe. On June 3rd, 2016 a massive 30 million people came out to vote on the future of their countries. In the end, the vote to leave won 51.9% to 48.1%. Places like England and Wales both voted in favor of the exit, while Scotland and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to stay in. While the long term effects of this decision obviously need time to be observed, the immediate economic impact has been somewhat mixed. The day after the vote was a cause for concern in that “the pound slumped after the referendum - and remains around 10% lower against the dollar and 15% down against the euro” (Wheeler 17). In contrast to this,…show more content…
Considering that this is the first time anyone has left the EU since joining, even these experts can’t say for certain what will really happen in this period of uncertainty. If the EU wants to send a message to anyone else who is thinking about leaving, it’s going to come in the form of severe restrictions on the U.K. President of the the European Union Jean-Claude Juncker has already claimed “Britain will divide the European Union's 27 remaining members by making different promises to each country during its Brexit negotiations” (Eyesenck). If true, this could be disastrous for relations between countries in the EU and European countries in general. To combat this, plans to integrate the Eurozone, who are the countries that use the Euro as their form of currency, are underway as a way to unite that group of countries.

It’s inevitable that one or more countries will eventually vote to leave the European Union. However, who will be the ones to do it is something that is harder to predict. It could be anyone from northern countries like Denmark and the Netherlands to strongly eurosceptic countries like France and Spain. Former leader of the U.K. independence party Nigel Farage is a strong believer in the domino effect and has said “other northern European countries will leave, starting with Denmark” (Stone 17). Obviously this isn’t just an overnight decision and many factors come into play when making this
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