The Impact Of Travel Agency Executives May Decide If They Need New Technology Into Business Models Essay

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may positively impact business. Travel agency executives may decide if they need to adopt new technology into business models, if they want to survive in the industry.
Role of the Researcher Researchers who perform qualitative case studies have many responsibilities. As a researcher, your roles should include: (1) collecting data, (2) defining methods of data collection, (3) analyzing data, and (4) presenting data results objectively and ethically (Swaratsingh, 2015). The criteria for assessing the quality of case-study research involves: credibility, dependability, confirmability and transferability (Houghton, Casey, Shaw, & Murphy, 2013). The researcher serves as an instrument in the data collection process (Pezalla, Pettigrew, & Miller-Day, 2012). As a researcher, I will develop a list of questions and conduct semi-structured, open-ended interview sessions with the participants (Houghton, Casey, Shaw, & Murphy, 2013). My role as the researcher for this qualitative case study will entail selecting participants, organizing the interview meetings, conducting interviews, collecting data using the protocol, analyzing and validating the data, and writing a summary report of the research problem and recommendations. I do not have any relationship with the study topic or participants. The research topic was chosen because there is a knowledge and information gap on E-commerce information technology adoption in the travel industry, which is needed if retail travel
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