The Impact Of United States On America

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Introduction For a long period, Americans have been trying to explore the benefits that have been since the individual States of America joined to form what currently known as United States of America. Although various ideas have been presented to support both sides of the story, I believe that the positive impacts that United States had on America outweigh the adverse effects. Political, cultural, social and technological advances that have witnessed in America over the centuries have contributed to the United States growth. This paper seeks to discuss the impacts that the United States had on the Americans from approximately 1880s to present. Effects of United States on the economy and cultural values of America? By considering the history of America, one can recognize that the formation of the United States in the 18th century marked the beginning of the economic prowess. That United State has been enjoying. In the 1880s, the economy of the United States grew extensively as the new states transformed from being rural agricultural lands to urban industrial giants. Most of the states established urban industries, and this made America the chief manufacturing country in the world. Railway lines set in several countries and this boomed the economy of America at large. United States has positively impacted the culture of some American people, but Negative effect Texas, Cuba, Mexico, and Guatemala was impacted because they were in the way of growth for the United
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