The Impact Of Using Computer Aided Architectural Design

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3.0 Research methodology
The aim to investigate the impact of using Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) software on students’ creativity, this section going to presents the adopted research design, criteria of sampling, data collection methods, and the data analysis methods.
3.1 Research design
Since the relationship of CAAD and creativity represents a complex as reviews in literature, a combination method between case study and qualitative method approach is consider appropriate. A case study will be utilized to assess students’ creativity within a design studio setting between students that use conventional method and students that use CAAD software. Qualitative study will be employed to explore experience of architectural instructors and students about the utilization of CAAD software.
3.2 Sample selection criteria
This Research will be carrying out on the third year students at the department of architecture at university of Khartoum. Research involving sixty students as research samples, thirty students are using CAAD software, while the other half of the students are perform the design process using conventional method. The reason of selecting this sample is there is combinations of student from two methods that going to help to logically compare the degree of creativity in both methods. Ten Instructors will selected to be interviewed as a sample from the department of architecture at university of Khartoum, because they are fully involved in this issue and
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