The Impact Of Violence, Crime And Drugs On Poverty

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Joy Jaja
Economics 280 outline.
I. Introduction

A. Background
Poverty serves as a motivation to commit crimes and crime has been a substantial contributing factor to poverty in Jamaica.
• In Kingston, Jamaica the violence that takes place is directed at the citizens of the island. According to the Jamaica Crime and Safety Report in 2014, almost 1200 murders took place in 2013.
• Jamaican on Jamaican violence is a very common type of violence in Kingston, although crimes rarely affect international visitors or tourists.
• In the event that a crime occurs against a tourist or a visitor, the affected can usually be classified into two classifications.
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• I will be providing a chart to outline the demographics of Jamaica.
• It will show the elements that aid the production of poverty.

II. Analysis

A. Development of crime in Jamaica
• Jamaica has issues that can be classified into three:
 1st phase happened in1962 and can be classified as the period when property crime was the main type of crime.
 2nd phase happened in the late 1970s and can be classified as the onset of crime and violence in Kingston.
 3rd phase happened in 1989 and can be classified as the development of crime and violence in Kingston.

B. What drives crime
 Employment and violence and crime are key elements when discussing poverty in Kingston.
 The rate of unemployment in Kingston is very noticeable. I will be providing an outlined chart on the national employment in Jamaica.
 The increase of unemployment and underemployment has been credited to the migration of citizens from rural areas of Kingston where little opportunitirs for employments exists. Although, this integration of citizens only added to the already compounded issue of high demand of employment.
 Jamaica has experienced a constant increase in the number of returning deportations from other countries.
 Kingston, Jamaica inhabits many inner city communities that are called `garrisons` which is known as the `ghetto` in this research paper.

C. Deportations of criminals
 Criminal deportations are a driving force of violence,
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