The Impact Of Violence, Crime And Drugs On Poverty

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Joy Jaja
Economics 280 outline.
I. Introduction

A. Background
Poverty serves as a motivation to commit crimes and crime has been a substantial contributing factor to poverty in Jamaica.
• In Kingston, Jamaica the violence that takes place is directed at the citizens of the island. According to the Jamaica Crime and Safety Report in 2014, almost 1200 murders took place in 2013.
• Jamaican on Jamaican violence is a very common type of violence in Kingston, although crimes rarely affect international visitors or tourists.
• In the event that a crime occurs against a tourist or a visitor, the affected can usually be classified into two classifications.
 Tourist had an affiliation with the occurring crime and,
 Tourist being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

B. Research questions
This research paper will examine why crime, violence and drugs are contributing factors to poverty in Kingston, Jamaica. In this research, statistical analysis pertinent to violence, drugs and poverty will answer the following questions:
• What are some forces behind crime and violence in Kingston?
• How has violence developed over time?
• What are the Jamaica government doing to fix the issue of crime and violence in Kingston?
• What are the social policy options that address the concern of crime and violence in Kingston?

C. Demographics for the Island
• Crime and violence is an issue that is consistently…

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