The Impact Of Women During A Patriarchal Societal Set Up

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Abstract: The paper focuses on the impact of women in a patriarchal societal set-up. In the initial part of the paper, the trademark of every woman from the birth is analyzed. Their flexible attitude in a more male-oriented and idealistic society is also mentioned in the latter part of the paper. Vijay Tendulkar the most prolific Marathi writer exposes through his plays the lower and lower-middle class people of all walks in its original form. Most of the topics of his plays deal with power and violence, social taboos, corruption, oppression, sensationalism, plight of a woman etc. His plays are the product of his keen observation of the surrounding society. Keywords: exploitation, women’s of Elizabethan and Edwardian Era, voice of Indian of Indian women, patriarchal set-up, Impact on women, Since time immemorial, women have been the victims of exploitation from every angle. In their own birthplace also, they are not treated equally in some or other ways as compared with the opposite sex. Dissemination and exploitation of women is like the birthmark of every female born in India. Abolition of ‘superiority and inferiority’ among different sexes by all genders give perspectives and commented in a more positive way irrespective of caste and creed yet in real hands-on, its complexity is worth mentioning. Kamala is one such play by Vijay Tendulkar, about the unidentified status of women in the modern exploitative world of power: the power which is created by human being itself
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