The Impact Of Women's Suffrage

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What is women suffrage? Women suffrage was the fight for the right of women to vote or run for office. For a very long time women fought for what they believed in, they had conventions and rallies about how they are going to win this fight for their right. These women were not afraid of what might stop them from achieving their right to vote, but one day they finally won the fight. Women suffrage had a magnificent impact on the United States of America in the1920’s and it still does in today’s society.
America was very heavily affected by women suffrage, it was a big deal. At first, women wanted to be seen as equal and have the same rights and responsibilities as men, but then they slowly realized that women deserve the right to vote because they are different than men ("The Women's Rights" par. 2). Women wanted to have a chance to influence the government just like men do. They fought for nearly one hundred years until they were able to vote ("The Fight" par. 1). They would get together and hold conventions talking about how they can win the fight and have the right to vote. In the United States of America, some states started to let women vote ("The Fight" par. 9). Idaho and Utah, were some of the first states that let women vote. They were happy about that, but they wanted to keep fighting until all women in the United States were able to vote. As said in Women Who Fought for the Vote, "The first gathering devoted to women’s rights in the United States was held July
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