The Impact Of World War II On The United States

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World War II was one of the most traumatic events that happened in the mid 1900’s, spanning from September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945. It damaged families and alliances, eradicated loved ones, and drastically changed the U.S. economy. Because of these economic changes, the United States has suffered many hardships, but they have also experienced great opportunities of wealth and great success. Some of the hardships and successes include: war bonds, the manufacturing of wartime and military weaponry and it boosting the economy, the need of oil to produce products to aid in the war effort, the state moving towards an industrial economy, the rise of n women’s work during World War II, and the influx of new jobs which encouraged immigration from Mexico.
When the economy of the U.S. crashed in the early 1940’s, the government, more specifically, the United States Treasury, set up debt securities to prevent dramatics amounts of money loss during the war. These were originally called defense bonds but later after the Pearl Harbor attack were known as War Bonds, as they are called today. Everyday American civilians helped to finance the war by paying for these bonds. Since the Civilians were going through a hard time economically, the government promised all buyers that they would be given all the money they paid along with additional money called interest when the war had come to an end. In addition to this, the U.S. Treasury offered the american citizens multiple different bonds…
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