The Impact Of World War II On American Society

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Final Essay When the United States launches itself into a war, whether it be willingly or unwillingly, it almost guarantees that the war will bring some amount of change to the American society. The United States has been historically very flexible in adapting to the needs that wars, as well as other major events, bring to American society. Whether it be with the economy, foreign affairs, etc. there is usually always a change that results in the United States from a war. For example, after the Civil War, Americans saw great changes in how the government chose to run itself in order to avoid another domestic war. However, out of all the wars that the United States has involved itself with, I believe that World War II saw the most amount of dramatic change to the American society. Although there were many changes in the American society following this war, there were 3 main areas that saw the most dramatic change: gender roles, race relations, and the United States economy. Prior to World War II, it was very clear in the United States how women and men were expected to act and interact. Typically, men were the workers and were expected to bring the majority of the income to the household, while spending little time at home. On the contrary, the women were expected to be the caregivers who would stay at home to take care of the children, clean the house, and cook meals. When the U.S. plunged into World War II after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, men from all
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