The Impact Of World War One ( Wwi )

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The Home Front is often overlooked when discussing the impact of World War One (WWI), as the impact is often less glorified when compared to the bloodshed of the battlefields. This exhibition looks at life in Australia during WWI and explores the experiences of those away from the actual fighting who are at home. By extensively using primary sources and brief profiles of both notable and everyday Australians during WWI, the exhibit gives a holistic view on life in Australia during the Great War. The exhibit focuses on the themes of the initial excitement of those in Australia when the war began, technology advancements, how the public received news of the war and their reaction to it, as well as the sense of growing disillusionment that developed as the war progressed. It comprehensively looks at these experiences and emotions and describes them with clarity.
When first entering the exhibit, the wall displays a quote from the Sydney Morning Herald, stating that the war was “our baptism of fire… it will test our manhood and womanhood… even though we never hear a shot fired”. This is then coupled with the exhibit describing the “excitement” felt by many Australian’s as the war promised an adventure. This excitement is explored throughout the exhibition as it describes how Australian’s put their lives on hold for the war effort. The exhibit accurately describes this initial excitement, and portrays the wide range of emotions felt by those in Australia.
The exhibit also

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