The Impact Of Youth Suicide On Australia And Usa And How It Can Be Prevented

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1.1 Aim The aim of this report is investigate the impacts of youth suicide and how it can be prevented. 1.2 Parameter To investigate the impacts of youth suicide in Australia and USA and how it can be prevented 1.3 Thesis Society should take notice of signs of youth suicide such as depression and reduce the stigma related to suicide and help them cope and prevent any further unnecessary deaths. 1.4 Definition Suicide is the action killing oneself with intent (WHO, n.d) 2. BACKGROUND TO THE ISSUE: 2.1 Introduction Youth suicide is one of the leading health concerns for young people and it has claimed many lives in the past decades. Youths with suicidal thoughts would usually displays signs and symptoms and it is the parents’…show more content…
(Headspace 2012) 2.2 Australia In 2011, the leading cause of death for young people aged 15-24 was suicide. In that year, it was reported that 231 males and 91 females died by suicide. This data shows that young males suffer more suicidal thoughts and behaviours compared to young females. (ABS 2013) According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the most common method of suicide by youths is by hanging and is committed by 47% and 56.7% of all female and male suicides. (ABS 2014) In 1995, Australia was one of the first countries to create a national suicide prevention program which focused on youths with higher risks of suicide. (Department of health 2014) 2.3 United States of America In 2011, suicide was the 3rd leading cause of young people aged 15-24 years old. It was reported that there were 39518 deaths by suicide by youths constituting of 78.5% male and 21.5% female.) It was stated that 50.6% of suicide method was by firearm and 24.8% by suffocation such as hanging. (American foundation for suicide prevention n.d) 3. CURRENT ACTION There are numerous actions such as guides and school policies that are taken by the government and community to assist youths with suicidal thoughts and behaviours to prevent any further deaths. 3.1 Actions for Australia 3.1.1 Suicide prevention and recovery guide According to SANE
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