The Impact On Human Development And Its Effects On Child Development

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The interaction of the environment and genetic factors work to shape who children are and who they will become. The genetics a child inherits from their parents may set out the roadmap but the impact of their environment can determine how their development is expressed, shaped or even silenced. This complex interaction of nature and nurture is not a single event but is persistent through child development and through life. Genetic factors that have a major impact on child development can be caused by differing chromosomes in the child that can lead to learning disabilities; Klinefelter syndrome, Fragile X syndrome , Turner syndrome and Down syndrome. Children with Down syndrome experience some type of intellectual impairment, but the severity can vary dramatically and have varying degrees of impact on development. Sensory impairment has significant detrimental impact on social, cognitive and language development. In infants, there is a lack of incidental learning about the world; through hearing conversations and seeing body language. This has a major impact on their cognitive, social and language development (Hoevenaars-van den Boom 2009). Several studies have shown an association between congenital blindness, autism and autism-like symptoms. In a study of infants with congenital blindness, Cass et al(1994) found that 31% manifested a developmental setback at 15–27 months, which was related to the severity of the visual impairment. It is common for learning disabilities

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