The Impact On Society 's Influence On Moral Growth

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Morals are a person’s belief system of what is fundamentally right and wrong. This system is shaped and molded throughout life, and is constantly evolving and fluctuating. Many factors influence one’s morals. Different events in life, different environments, and the people which surround individuals. Two of the most influence groups of people which influence people’s morals are family and friends. One would think family has the greatest impact on morals. Family, more specifically parents or guardians, lay the base work of morality. Family ascribe onto their children the basis of a moral code. But it is friends which have the greatest impact on a person’s believe system and moral principles. This is because people are born into their families, meaning people cannot help what principles are assigned to them (Friedman 196). Friends are voluntary and chosen, meaning friends have a greater impact on moral growth compared to family or other close relationships. Friendship, in a way, is essential and critical for moral growth. Marilyn Friedman is one philosopher who connects friendship and its importance to moral growth. First off, Friedman gives some characteristics a friendship must have in order to allow moral expansion. As mentioned previously, a friendship must be voluntary with only some “limits imposed by certain external constraints” (Friedman 209). The act of choosing friends is significant, because one chooses who to associate with and partake in intimate discussions
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