The Impact On The Environment Essay

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A growing problem in the world today is the effect humans have on the environment. Specifically, humans are having a greater impact on the habitats of animal species. As a child, I have always had an interest in animals and nature. My fascination with them became even more profound as I got into high school. Senior year of high school made me acknowledge that fact that I could something about our environmental issues. This was why I majored in Environmental Health. I wish to dedicate the rest of my education to come up with solutions to improve the health of animals. The classes I took as a senior extraordinarily impacted my life. The teachers in my environmental class and my English class focused on helping us find what we wanted to major in. In the beginning of the year, I wrote a research paper on the current innovations developed to clean oil spills. Oil spills have significant damage to ecosystems and wildlife. I enjoyed this assignment because it was the first topic that I discussed in school that dealt with fixing an environmental problem. My Environmental class had an even greater influence on me. It left me better educated and more interested in the topic. One of the greatest impacts I had because of this class was a trip we took at the end of the year. Certain people who were interested in the environmental field got to take a four-day trip to Wallop’s Island and Chincoteague Island, Virginia. On this trip, we learned about and explored the wetlands and coastal
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