The Impact Technology Has On A Student/Is The Use Of Technology

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The Impact Technology Has on a Student/Is the Use of Technology in a Classroom Good?
Technology has changed student productivity in a good way. Over the years, technology use has increased in the classroom, and it has changed the way students work. Recently, numerous schools have started to implement technologies such as iPad’s, Smart Boards, and other devices into their curriculum to help the students and increase productivity. Effectively, technology has expanded the way classrooms functions. Technology has brought both advantages and disadvantages to education; however, technology impacts students in a positive way.
Student productivity has increased due to technology being implemented in a classroom. Student Productivity in a classroom
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Carr explains, “Those who browsed the web performed much worse on a subsequent test of how well they retained the lecture’s content” (22). With this being said, this group of students exposed to technology had been distracted by technology and performed poorly on the test. In addition to Carr, in “Influence of University Level Direct Instruction on Educators’ Use of Technology in the Classroom,” Garner provides, “teachers highly skilled, and trained in technology, did not consistently integrate it in their classroom” (147). Although technology proves to have helped various students, it is not the same for all students. In this case, these professors excluded technology from their classrooms and managed to successfully teach a class. Not only is student productivity important when discussing the effects of technology on education, student focus also changes.
In addition to student productivity, technology has provided help towards student focus. Being able to focus is often a struggle for students because they are often distracted by various things going on around them. Focus is a key to successful education, and if technology is distracting students then it should not be implemented. However, in various cases technology has proved its positive effect on students. In this case, Minor provides, “The technology to post messages and ask questions that were displayed on the projector screen” helps involvement and focus within this study
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