The Impact and Objections Regarding the Obama Care Act

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Obama Care Abstract This paper talks about the Obama Care Act that was introduced in America in 2010. The major impact and objections of the law are discussed. The paper focuses more on the Universal Health Care system that is present in many countries. The country brought into focus in this paper is Canada. The health care system is described in more detail and is compared with the health care system in United States. Introduction Obama Care Act or also known as the patient protection Affordable Care act was made a law when it was passed by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The act also known as Obama care is made to target the healthcare system. This act is basically designed by the administration to cover the health care aspect of the community. The major target behind this was to reduce the number of uninsured persons in America. Even though a public health care system is ideal, the government has failed to provide it to all the persons in America. They are now hoping to have most of the Americans insured through the affordable care program. Health Care has always been one of the time priorities for President Barack Obama. The economic condition of the country always presented as a hurdle for this reform to take place. (Wayne, 2011) Apart from the economic condition, the public itself was not very united on this program. The skepticism was quite prevalent due to the budget deficits and the increasing chargers that would be imposed on the employers.

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