The Impact of Absent Fathers in Black Female Upbringing Essay

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A father’s role in a child’s life is extremely important when it comes to a child’s development. With so much emphasis placed on young black boys needing their fathers during crucial developmental ages, the rate of our young black girls growing up without fathers is staggering and overlooked. What is an absent father? The definition is quite simple; an absent father can be defined as a father who is not present in the life of their child whether it is physically, emotionally, or both. Although the absence of a father is detrimental in any child’s life, the absence of such in a young black girl’s life is even more crucial. The absent father in a black girl’s life leads to, in some cases, promiscuity and teenage pregnancy, poverty, and…show more content…
After all he was a complete stranger. I was fourteen and I felt like my life had been altered without my permission. I saw him once more after this initial meeting. We went to White Castle with my other siblings. As a child I struggled with my weight. I remember not ordering a lot of food. I didn’t want him to think I was fat. I made sure to be polite and engaging. I wanted him to accept me. I wanted him to like me. I talked about school. But I made sure not to brag about my good grades. He asked me about boys and although at the time there was a boy I liked, I didn’t dare tell him that. He laughed at my vague response and said he didn’t want to have to hurt some knucklehead boy. In that moment I felt safe, protected. It felt so good. Many of my friends in high school came from single parent fatherless homes like mine. A lot of us, especially my female friends, were looking for a filler of the void our father’s left in us. I found mine at the age of fifteen in a twenty year old named Jay. My mother never spoke to me about the dangers of unprotected sex. Most of what I learned about sex was taught through cable television and my friends. This was a dangerous way to learn about something as important as sex. There have been several studies that have indicated that living with only one parent, especially fatherless homes, is an indicator of early sexual behavior in adolescent African American females (Hogan and Kitagawa, 1985). From a daughter’s point
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