The Impact of African American Inventors

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Whether we know it or not, black inventors have impacted our lives drastically. From the time we wake up, until we go back to sleep at night, we use at least one thing that has been made by an African- American inventor. Whether it is something as big as a traffic light or as little as a hair brush, black inventors have made major contributions to our everyday lives. Many people know about the big inventions, but both small and big inventions have impacted America. (Lund 2008)
During slavery, most black slaves were denied proper education and many laws were passed in the South prohibiting slave literacy. Even free blacks in the century before and after the Civil War were limited in their access to quality education and career training.
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He invented more than a dozen devices to improve electric railway cars and many more for controlling the flow of electricity. His most famous invention was an invention used to let the engineer know how close the train was to other trains which helped cut down many accidents on the train tracks. (Bellis n.d.)

Garret Morgan was also a great inventor whose invention had a major impact on the world. He had two major inventions in his life: the gas mask and the traffic light. Even though he has invented many things, Garret is known mostly for the traffic light. Take a second and think about what driving would be like without lights to direct traffic at an intersection. There would be a whole lot of accidents every day. Because of this, the impact of his invention is felt by everyone in the world on a daily basis. You cannot drive anywhere, almost, without seeing a traffic light at least one time and, on top of that, they have saved so many lives.
Another great inventor who had a very big impact, that most girls would be familiar with, is Madame C.J. Walker. Madame Walker revolutionized the hair care and cosmetics industry for African American women. If it wasn’t for her some of the girls in the world today would look like they got in a fight with a hair dryer. Thank goodness for her major contributions.
Another great African American inventor was named Otis Boykin. Otis was known as an
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