The Impact of Brand Endorsements on Consumer Behaviour in Mtn

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According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promoting and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individuals and organizational objectives. Thus, for companies and organizations to achieve their objectives, it is of essence that the marketing tools of product, price, promotion and place are very much coordinated. Not forgetting the extended marketing mix of people, process, and physical evidence in the case of service delivery.
Companies should also take into consideration generic consumer expectations
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These icons are on their recharge cards, some outdoor materials and some other advertising platforms. Just as any other marketing strategy, the objective is to identify these musicians and sportsmen with the brand so as to build awareness, create interest and stimulate demand.
The assumption was that these personalities command a great attraction among the Ghanaian populace and, therefore, could influence consumers’ perception and choice of brand. Against this background, Batman Samini, Michael Essien and Stephen Appiah were signed on.
1.2 Problem Statement
MTN no doubt is a multibillion dollar company and such as they are not afraid of spending. MTN makes its presence felt through the many billboards, flags, lampposts, bus branding, house branding, television and radio advertisements, sponsorships and corporate social responsibilities. Celebrity endorsements are one that MTN has been implementing over the few years. Now and again, many icons in the field of music and sports are also used in their advertising messages. Indeed, an advert can be told of the former Black Satellites Coach, Sellas “Borbor” Tetteh in an advert after the historical win of the U-20 world cup. Interestingly, as the title sponsor of the Ghana Music Awards, the artist of the year is also signed on for a year to promote the products and services of MTN.
Do all these signings have

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