The Impact of Capitalism on the Individual

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Questions 1. The impact of capitalism on the individual Capitalism is the sole economic regime I know and I can only compare it with the stories of the older generations, who also came across other regimes. With their stories in mind, as well as the life I lead (as opposed to the life I would want to lead), I can say that capitalism has a negative effect upon the development of the individual. We all pursue financial objectives and we work too hard to attain them, yet the satisfaction obtained is limited. We invest too much time and energy in our material pursuits, but these do not give us a sense of accomplishment and happiness. Capitalism has implemented a model of constant pursuit of material gains, in the detriment of moral values, family and leisure time. And this ultimately leads to socially underdeveloped individuals, unhappy people and even ill people. 2. The Story of Stuff Annie Leonard presents the mechanism by which over consumption is stimulated, to create pollution, deforestations, too much waste and enrich the corporations. In this system, I seek to act as an individual not indulging in excessive consumerism, but still buying the items I need to make my life easier and enjoy it. From the professional standpoint, I provide knowledge services, meaning that I do not produce manufacturing waste. My impact as a professional is nevertheless existent and it includes the need to purchase technologic gadgets, such as a computer or a telephone, but

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