The Impact of Changing Gender Roles on Marketing Strategies

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INTRODUCTION As aspiring businesswomen, we have noticed how much more opportunities and options we have now than women used to have in the past. In this day and age, the positions and roles played by women in the household and business environment have changed. Women are currently playing more than just the role of the caretaker as in in the past and this makes marketing to them more complex. The question arising from this observation is, how the changing roles of women in this age have impacted the marketing strategies of entities? We will answer this question by using various sources for research and making our own observations on this topic. BRIEF HISTORICAL OVERVIEW OF TREND Through the ages, the roles of men, women and children have evolved with regards to the position that each family member has played in the household. A family can be defined as a group of people related by blood or marriage . Stereotypically and historically the roles that were played by each member of the family were as follows: the husband was deemed to be the provider, the wife was the caretaker and the children were groomed to fulfil the roles that adult men and women played. One of the effects of the changing roles of women and families is that women, as well as men, are spending more post-school years as single adults than have past generations. Whichever living arrangement, or combination thereof, is chosen, delaying marriage implies a longer period of independence for the young adult
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