The Impact of Chinese Culture on Its Asian Neighbors

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The impact of Chinese culture on its Asian neighbors China is today the third largest economy of the globe, with immense prospects for growth. This position grants the country a vast power within the global arena. Still, aside from its current economic strength, China is notable at the level of its cultural importance. In this setting, the Chinese culture is significant not only at its individual level, but also at the level of the influences it has manifested upon its neighboring countries at political, historical or cultural stances (McKay, Hill, Buckler, Ebrey and Beck, 2006). At a general level, the cultural impacts of China on the Asian states have manifested in a positive manner and they have been linked with the rapid and responsible evolution of the country. This in turn has materialized in opportunities for the neighboring countries as well. A most important aspect is revealed at the level of community building, as the community is perceived as a pivotal social structure in China. This perception has led to the responsible growth and development of communities in other Asian states. In the future, the influence of China is expected to further increase, with caution needing to be exercised at the level of the reaction of the Chinese population towards the intensifying relationships between their country and its neighbors (Xiaoming, 2006). A more specific impact of the Chinese culture is revealed at the level of Japan, which has adopted several traits and has
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