The Impact of Climate Change on Forests

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THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON FORESTS 2 Forestry Development and Environment Abstract Among the major sciences and art management is forestry, which in most cases involves the use and adoption of social, economic and scientific principles to reach specific objectives when caring for forests. This articles aims to integrate into the forest sector, and examine closely the impact of climate change on forests, and how this affects the development and environment in relation to forests. Justification of the topic in question is well elaborated in the introductory part of this article, after which there is analysis of the fundamental issues relating to development and environment of forests. The negative impacts to the different societies of the world due to insufficient forestry are discussed in proceeding paragraphs, with specified explanations and possible solutions in relation to insufficiency in the forestry sector. There is also an analysis of whether the strategies for solutions have borne fruit or not in the current times. All developments and incentives will be argued out in the last paragraphs of the article. Key words: Development, Environment, forests Forestry Development and Environment Introduction to forestry Forests have and will always be resourceful in relation to protecting the climate and ensuring a reliable and eco-friendly environment on earth. One of the major organizations that have been working tirelessly to ensure there is continuous and
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