The Impact of Computer Games in the UK Essay

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High technology has conquered our world and it cannot not to have any impact on people who use it. Children are those who may suffer most because they are “screen addicted” from a very early age. According to Thomas (2011) an average modern child spends four hours thirty minutes in front of the TV or computer each day which includes one hour fifty minutes online and two hours forty minutes watching television. However, Trybus (2014) claims that gaming technology may help significantly in the education area. This essay concentrates on such part of modern technology as computer games. It will focus on the most popular games analysis at the beginning, then look at their effects and finally cover useful application of computer games.…show more content…
As a consequence, the child becomes inattentive with a small period of concentration. Collins (2011) also cites a piece of research conducted by Japanese scientist that shows that computer games use only vision and movement, leaving other areas of the brain such as behaviour, emotions and learning undeveloped. With respect to behaviour of violent games players, Etchells (2013) quotes a study published in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology that explains an experiment, which examines an effect of violent computer games on people’s behaviour. During the 3 days of the experiment, half of volunteers played aggressive games for twenty minutes a day, while the other half did not. Then organizers set a competition between pairs that consist of one who played games and one who did not and the winner blasted the loser with ugly noise. In the results, it turned out that violent games players blasted their opponent for longer what was counted as more aggressive behaviour. However, in the same article Etchells (2013) shows another experiment performed by Seth Giller and his colleagues(2013), the ‘Aggressive Behaviour’ journal’s researchers, where they proved that violent games with a positive aim, for example to protect a friend from zombies, made people less aggressive than games with a negative goal, for instance to kill as many zombies as possible. Therefore, the content of games matters. BBC (2006)
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