The Impact of Computer Science on Health Care & Medicine

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The Impact of Computer Science on Health Care & Medicine

Abstract Computer science can be defined as the systematic study of algorithmic processes, their theory, design, analysis, implementation and application. Its functions in the modern society today expand far beyond the uses one could even begin to imagine. Specifically, there is an increased influence in its practical application in the field of medicine. In recent times, an interdependent relationship between medicine and technology itself has been developed that did not exist before. Modern healthcare relies heavily on the application of computer technology in furthering its advancement of bioinformatics, biotechnology, artificial organ technology, robotic
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This is done through X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy technology and will continue to be an essential method of testing various biological hypotheses3. DNA sequencing and genomic mapping is a newly introduced technology that decodes the individual chromosomes, genes and nucleotide sequences through new technologies, sequencing data, and computerized maps. The quickly
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