The Impact of Computer Technology in our Social World

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Computers and technology are two of mostly discussed topics today. Technology has a huge impact in our world. There are advantages and disadvantages about computers and technology – it affects individuals and families, businesses, schools and the entire society. We discuss its usefulness, how it affects people and their health, and how it affects the environment. Computers are one of the fastest evolving technologies. There are so many reasons why computers are both beneficial and disadvantageous to the society. There are many computer and technology companies. This is a big business and it is surely affecting the economy. Several inventions and discoveries have been made with the help of computer technology. It is predicted that as…show more content…
The stocks currency and bonds traded on worldwide electronic markets amount to an estimated three trillion dollars each day, twice the annual U.S Budget (Hammersley, 2012). Computers, Environment and People Evolution of technology has impact to our society. There are many reasonable explanations why it is a good influence in society. Technology is a very useful tool for people. Many of us use this in jobs like teaching, banking, and for companies. It helps students study for their work on their devices. ("New York Times"). A lot of people think it is a good idea for students because a lot of children could learn faster with the help of these devices. Students are able to explore different ways of learning a topic using different technology devices. Research assignments are done faster and conveniently. Students now have access to computer, technology and the Internet that allow them to freely express their strong views and have an enjoyable time playing academic games (Kashmanian). However, there are also adverse effect of computer and technology. The teens and adults in America spend a lot of money to get these devices (Bender 1999). Computers in schools help students to learn however its use must be regulated. Lack of supervision of how computers are used in schools could lead to potential misuse of computers. There are students take advantage
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