The Impact of Crime on an Individual and the Society

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Transnational organized crime is regarded as one of the main threats to human security, hindering the social, economic, political and cultural expansion of societies internationally. It is a multi-faceted occurrence and has manifested itself in diverse activities, among others, drug trafficking, human trafficking; firearm deals; smuggling of migrants; money laundering; etc. particularly drug trafficking is one of the chief activities of organized crime groups, generating gigantic profits (Bakken et al 2010).
Data indicates that anti narcotic budget in the United States has jumped up from $9.7 billion in the 90s to around$18 billion in year 2000. Moreover, The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) field agent has increased from 3,191 in 1990 to 4,561 in 2000. Despite these increase in DEA agent the number of drug abusers in the United States has boosted from 5.8% in early 90s to around 6.7% in the 1998. Approximately around 15 million of the US total population was abusing drugs in various ways in 1999. Among these 15 million around 200,000 were roughly using heroin which estimates to more than thrice the numbers in 1993 which was around 68,000 (Massing, 2000). In spite of the al the efforts being made by the law enforcement agencies against drug traffickers the numbers of drug abusers in the United States has risen tremendously in the last ten years (Bakken et al 2010).
Cybercrimes committed against people consists of a
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