The Impact of Cultural Understanding in the Operational Area

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The impact of cultural understanding in the operational area Abstract This essay is largely focused on providing a better understanding of the relationship between militaries and foreign cultures that they need to control. The text first deals with Colonel Casey Haskins' article "A Practical Approach to Cultural Insight" with the purpose to provide a clear explanation concerning the problem involving soldiers failing to complete their missions successfully because they did not acknowledge the importance of learning more about the cultural values present in the territory they came to occupy. The Colonel's prolonged stay in foreign cultures enabled him to understand the idea of culture from a whole different perspective when compared to most people. Even civilians are likely to express interest in wanting to learn more about the cultural values in the country they want to visit consequent to going across this article. The essay then proceeds to address the attitudes that might prove to be life-saving for U.S. soldiers present in foreign countries. Respect is one of the most important concepts for many communities and certain individuals are likely to develop hostile attitudes as a result of thinking that they are disrespected. Enemies can be very diverse and can range from a trained soldier wanting to revenge his fallen comrades to religious leaders influencing their followers to think that it would be best for them to attack a target labeled as 'the enemy'. Foreign Area
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