The Impact of Culture on Consumer Behavior

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Running Head:The impact of Culture on consumer behavior
The impact of culture on consumer behavior
Table of Contents Abstract: 3 Introduction: 4 General cultural differences: 4 Culture other than Own: 5 Own Culture: 5 Cultural differences in marketing and consumer behavior: 6 Consumption: 6 Motives for Consumption: 8 Implications of cultural differences on marketers: 8 Discussion: 8 Examples of behaviors: 9 Conclusion: 9 References: 11 Appendix 1: 12 Survey Form: 12
The role of culture and consumer behavior in shaping marketing strategies is explored in the research. The research design includes a secondary literature review as well as primary research using a survey sample size of 30 individuals. The research provides a significant account of the factors influencing cultures, differences between UAE and UK culture. The motives of consumption are also investigated through review of secondary literature and analysis of survey results. The relevance of consumer behaviors with regards to strategy formulation for marketing is also discussed. Finally it is concluded that corporations develop their marketing strategies according to the cultures and target market attributes.
The culture plays a significant role in development of attitudes and behaviors for purchase and consumption trends. The consumer market trends are chaining in emerging markets. China and Middle East are
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