The Impact of Culture on Politics

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Old Dominion University | The Impact of Culture on Virginia Politics | POLS 311 | Geraldine Pearman 9-19-2015 | Geraldine Pearman Virginia History and Politics Dr. Pelletier Fall 2015 The Impact of Culture on Virginia Politics A culture can be defined as a way of life of a group of people- their behaviors, beliefs, values that are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next. It also includes the customs, arts, literature, morals/values and traditions of a particular society or group (Virginia Encyclopedia). Culture can also be considered as a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in places or organizations. This topic is of huge importance to our society mainly in the state of…show more content…
Some of the largest employers, however, are federal agencies. The Pentagon is the most famous of these, but military bases like those at Quantico and Fort Belvoir make Virginia home to more active military than any other state in the nation (Liberty of Virginia). The Culture of Virginia refers to the distinct human activities and values that take place in, or originate from the Commonwealth of Virginia (Virginia Culture). Virginia was named for Queen Elizabeth I of England, who was known as the Virgin Queen. Historians think the English adventurer Sir Walter Raleigh suggested the name about 1584. That same year, Elizabeth gave Raleigh permission to colonize the Virginia region (Liberty of Virginia). Virginia has many nicknames as well. The most popular and lasting of Virginia's many nicknames is the ‘Old Dominion’. Unfortunately, I am not referring to the university. This nickname refers to Virginia's status as England's oldest colony in the Americas. Virginia is considered a commonwealth because it is a state in which the supreme power is vested in the people. According to the Hornbook of Virginia History, “The term as an official designation was first used in Virginia during the Interregnum (1649-1660), the period between the reigns of Charles I and Charles II during which parliament's Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector established a republican government known as the Commonwealth of England,” (88). Virginia became a royal colony again in 1660, and the word
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