The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

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From as long as our history can remember, America has been littered with the disease of domestic violence. Domestic violence is the act of abusing or being abused (physically, verbally, or mentally) by someone you live with. Consequently, the rate of children witnessing domestic violence has soared through the roofs to about 3 billion each year. Because domestic violence usually takes place at home, it psychologically alternates the state of children and creates huge impacts on them, their lives, and their futures. Several types of domestic violence we usually hear describing domestic violence include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and extortion. Physical abuse is the most common type of violence. This involves punching,…show more content…
With no self-control and not being able to express their emotions healthily, most usually exploding because of all that they have kept inside of them, children end up having poor relationships with their peers, which quickly weakens their sense of worth. Domestic violence is unfortunately capable of taking away from a kid’s learning ability and memory. The more traumatic an experience a child has been through, the more likely they are to forget things that they once were able to. This tragic fact has a huge effect on a child's performance throughout school, with common speech setbacks and a large insufficient amount of problem solving skills and conflict resolutions. When grades begin to fall, children are then in classes that are not sufficient in preparing them for success. Long-term problems are inescapable for young placed children who constantly and repeatedly, helplessly watch domestic violence inside their homes, a place supposed to be a safe and warm place. The sad truth is that most people who witness domestic violence as children also see it as adults; males are likely to engage in domestic violence, while females are likely to become victims and the other way around. With this kind of regularity of violence, it is likely that the cycle will continue in their families and so on. There are several more problems that children experience that started off from domestic violence. Most children who grow up in a violent home develop
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