The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

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Question 1 There are many consequences of not taking a strong stance against domestic abuse and the later impact on the children in the situation. Even if the children are not involved in the actual abuse, they are still negatively impacted by the presence of domestic violence in their households (Osofsky 1990). When abuse is condoned or ignored in a domestic relationship, children can begin to assume that is a normal occurrence, which can be a concept they carry with them for the rest of their lives. Prior research has shown that It is thus the first hypothesis of this research that former children born into abusive homes may grow up to repeat the same process in their own homes as adults, either as the abuser or the victimized partner in a domestic relationship (Rosa 2008). Secondly this research would hypothesize that children born into abusive households would also be more likely to enter into an abusive relationship, where they become the victim they once saw one of their parents to be. In order to explore these hypotheses, it is important to examine long term impacts on a child's life as they begin to grow up. This research could focus on examining familial histories of domestic violence to trace whether or not the violence transcends generational gaps and becomes a problem in the child's life when they become an adult with families of their own. Police records and court documents could be used as data, with the independent variable being the presence of the abuse
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