The Impact of Ethical Decisions on the Discovery of Knowledge in the Natural Science and Art

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“Science cannot stop while ethics catches up… and nobody should expect scientists to do all the thinking for the country” Elvin Charles Stakman ( The quote illustrates how science and ethics are interconnected but ethics is hindering what science can achieve. The knowledge issue I will be addressing is what impact do ethical decisions have on limiting the discovery of knowledge in the natural sciences and arts? One day in biology class we were discussing the potential benefits of the harvesting of embryotic stem cells and how these cells could potentially help save lives, however one of the issues to the stem cell argument was, if stem cell research was to be conducted then scientists would be considered unethical…show more content…
However, the testing on humans can be ruled as unethical such as the Nazi tests that were conducted on humans during World War 2 and the results are debated as to whether they are accurate or not based on how the data was collected how the subjects were under test that were deemed unethical. For example the Nazi’s conducted tests that included testing using Mustard gas, Malaria, different poisons, incendiary bombs as well as numerous other transplant surgeries and other tests ( These experiments all show that there is a limit that should be enforced when it comes to human testing when the testing involves extreme physical and mental pain. When the testing requires that humans endure “torture” to the extent that the prisoners of war endured, it shows that ethics should then be used to prevent the unnecessary testing to continue and harm humans. However, when the testing involves a human embryo that has not developed yet and does not cause harm with numerous scientific benefits the testing should be allowed to gain information that could alter science and medicine in the future. Therefore the question of whether the results of the tests were plausible because of the means that they were gained shows the dividers that

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